" The making of " (behind the scenes)

On one of those lousy sundays, I decided to start making my sister's website. At that moment I hadn't the slightest idea what she wanted. We started sending mails about the content of the site, and after 2 days we came up with an acceptable scheme.

I created the basic layout, following the highest standard of W3C (XHTML1.1) . In the normal process of making a website I only do the coding , not the design. So this is the first dynamic website I created completely on my own. I used no tables on this site and all style elements are included in a CSS-stylesheet. This takes a little bit longer to create but is a lot more flexible then the traditional "table-layout".

The hardest part was the gallery. It took me three days to get it fixed for the following browsers : Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0, Firefox 1.0, Netscape 7.2 and higher , Avant Browser 10.0 and Opera 7.45. I had to restart allover because Opera had problems understanding the code. I also needed a special function in PHP to create an image of the textpart underneath the picture. I think this gallery is quite unique . (no iframe, no tables) When you're using Internet Explorer 5.0, you will not see a horizontal gallery but a vertical one. Time to update your browser. If you are working under linux, please use Mozilla (1.4 or higher), Firefox 1.0 or Galeon (1.3 or higer). Konquerer doesn't like the gallery structure, it's limited to HTML 4.0

Then I had to make some extra "secured" pages to enable Lisa to control the content of this site. She can add/delete/change newsitems. She can create complete new galleries. She change the order of, delete, add photographs. She has also full control over the divingtips and divingspots. This means that she can always change the content of these items. She's the boss right now, she doesn't need me anymore. (for this site I mean)

In total I spent 2 weeks to design and develop this site. I wrote all the code myself, so this is not a "prÍt-a-porter" site like so many sites these days , but a personal one. And it is only a beginning. I hope that you participate , so this site can grow to an international library for passionate divers. All depends on you. there's a guestbook and a contact form to make suggestions. You can also send new divingtips and divingspots to Lisa . So start right now !

In real life I work together with Seba vandermolen at 909, a company that creates dynamic websites. You can view our work at «www.909.be» . If you have any questions about webdevelopment (PHP & MySQL) or CSS, you can always «contact» me.

Aesthetikly yours,