Diving Tips ÷
• Buzzing Mosquito [Lisa | @ | http ]
You're in the middle of nowhere at night and you're trying to sleep. But these mosquitoes keep buzzing around your ears and attacking you from all sides!You are unarmed: no lotion or mosquito-net. Than there is one last thing you can do!! Put the light on, so you can locate them. Make your hand as cold as possible (cold water or hold on to something metal for few seconds) and smack the buggers hard!!!! Mosquitoes don't see very well, but they are attracted by your body heat. As this is my own solution to the problem, I've tried it more than ones and....it works!! No need to tell you to keep the windows closed during this operation. Good luck!!
• Deco Stop Buoy [Lisa | @ | http ]
Have you ever tried your (safety) deco stop buoy in strong current?? You take it out and as you try to fill it with air you get completely intangeld in the rope! I just hate that. It feels a bit like being the bull on a Rodeo Show. If then, you find yourself all tight up with the rope around your neck, it's probably time to call upon your buddy for help!! How to avoid this hassle?? Buy or take (from your fathers/neighbours fishing gear) a fishing weight and attach it about halfway on the rope. If you take out your buoy next time, the weight will drop and stops the rope from floating around in every direction. How much weight??? Enough to sink, altough 0.5kg is probable a little too much!!! I can't remember who told me this, but thanks!
• Foggy Mask [Lisa | @ | http ]
You bought a new mask, but it foggs every time you use it. You spitt, use drops and even toothpaste, but nothing works! I know; been there, done that!! After 4 misty dives and spending more time clearing the bloody thing than sightseeing, I gave up and went back to my old mask. On holiday in Egypt, a guide of Blue Brothers (El Gouna)came with the perfect solution: take a lighter and hold the flame close to the glass on the inside, move slowly. You can see the silicon film burning away. Tried it and....."I can see clearly now"!!!!. You can always stick to your old tricks. It should take you about a month of intensive spitting & blind diving to wear the silicon down. Good luck and don't melt the frame!