Who is Divinglisa ?

Bme at the seaorn under the sign of Pisces it's no surprise that I've always been crazy about water. When I was a toddler, my mother taught me how to swim. On our family holidays she made shore there was plenty of water around, it was the only way to keep us kids busy. So I spend my time swimming and splashing away under the watchful eye of my big brother.

Then there is my father, a travel agent. Throughout my youth he bored us to death with all his stories about the trips he made. But somehow a little bit of his enthusiasm rubbed of on me and when I got older I wanted to discover the world on my own. It's these 2 passions combined that became the foundation of this site.

In ' 97 a friend convinced me to get a learn to swimdivers license. Thanks Chris, for ever grateful for this. I stepped into a whole new and beautiful world underneath the surface. Over the years I started to take snapshots under water, for myself to enjoy at home.But I never had a way to share them with other passionate divers.

Then one day, my big brother said to me : " I will make you a website so you can show your diving pictures to your friends via the web." It took him 2 weeks of work to make this happen, just for me. Thanks Jo, you've always been around somehow when I needed you. No wonder I've looked up to you all my life.